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Blinds Measuring Guide

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Blinds Measuring Guide

Welcome to the Blind Megastore Measuring Guide

We want to make measuring and fitting for your new window blinds as easy as possible. We have put together an easy step by step guide with an explanation of all terminology in plain English. Ordering you’re made to measure blinds is a great way to possibly save lots of money compared to what you might pay on the high street.

Talk to us….

Sometimes we know that talking to someone can be the best way to get the answers you need, our team of ‘’Blind Geeks, Experts and Boffins’’ are ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have…..when you call Blind Megastore you won’t get a call centre, you will get someone who has years of experience in measuring and fitting!! So before reading our step by step guide if you wish to jump straight into calling, emailing or you can even facetime please feel free to do so with these details:

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So let’s get to measuring your windows…………here are a list of tabs that can take you straight to the information your require


Standard Windows                          Perfect Fit Blinds                             Bay Windows


Standard Windows…..

Most windows in the UK are typically square or rectangular.This is a good thing for DIY blind fitters as these are the easiest types of windows to install blinds to. What we have done is provided some information to ensure that these windows are still measured properly as come absolutely perfect for you. We thought it would be good by explaining a few terms so you feel 100% comfortable before even picking up a tape measure; please see a list of tabs here if you wish to skip to a specific section


Inside Recess OR Outside Recess           Measuring Exact OR Recess                  Face Fix OR Top Fix


Inside Recess OR Outside Recess

Firstly you need to decide where you would like your window blind to fit. There are TWO options here of inside the recess or outside the recess. We have provided a brief description with a drawing also to help explain this:

Inside Recess – Most window blinds in the UK are fitting on the inside of the window recess. Fitting on the inside of the recess simply means you want your blind to sit inside the window opening. We have provided a diagram below to help demonstrate this………..


Outside Recess – Fitting the blind on the outside of the recess is not as popular in the UK as this can be more difficult to ensure you get your blind level. This option is usually used when customers have inward opening windows or inward opening doors where they cannot have a blind to obstruct the window or door from coming into the room therefore the blind is mounted on the outer part of the wall. Please see a diagram below to help demonstrate this……….


Measuring Exact OR Recess

There are two ways for you to provide us with your window measurements which are recess or exact. Deciding this is typically dictated by if you’re having your blind inside recess or outside recess.

Measuring Exact - Measuring an EXACT measurement simply means the size you give us is exactly the size you would like your blind to come. Measuring exact is typically best used when installing your window blind on the outside of the recess. This means you are:

ü Measuring the exact width you would like the blind to be

ü Measuring the exact drop you would like the blind to be

ü Ensure if fitting outside recess you allow enough room for the blind to cover the recess

Important information regarding Roller Blinds and Vision Roller blinds if fitting outside recess, please bear in mind with these blinds there is a 35mm-40mm difference between your overall blind size and your cloth size. Therefore please ensure you cloth will be big enough to cover your window reveal when the deduction is taken off.


Measuring Recess – Measuring a recess measurement is typically used when measuring inside the recess of the window. This option is typically the most popular. To measure this way all you need to do is measure tight between the walls and we make automatic deductions for you to ensure it fits on arrival. The standard deduction is 10mm and we will take this off for you.

ü Measure your recess from wall to wall in 3 different places. Take down the SMALLEST measurement as this is the one we will use

ü Measure the drop of the recess from wall to wall in 3 different places. Take down the SMALLEST measurement as this the one we will use

ü Keep an eye out of any obstructions such as TILES, HANDLES, SKIRTING BOARDS / TRIMS.


How to Measure a Perfect Fit Blind.

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