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If your looking for looking for window blinds that will dramatically change the look of your room then look no further than the Vision Roller Blind. This blind is guaranteed to be the feature of any room in the home and sure to make a statement both inside and outside the home.

Vision Roller blinds combine style and practicality in one, you can have the luxury of a feature roller blind looking fantastic in the window. You can also have the practicality of controlling the light into the room by having the Vision roller blind set in any position that suits your style and needs. The stylish clean lines design of the vision rollers come in a variety of colours with one of the biggest ranges online to enhance the ambiance of your environment.

We are proud to offer a great product at a even better price to keep Blind Megastore Vision Roller blinds the most competitive online retailer in the UK! We can do this because we manufacture the blinds at our factory to keep the Quality incredibly high, prices low and keep our service high.
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Vision Roller Blinds
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Make a statement in your home with our capri vision roller blinds. Our hand selected in house fabrics will compliment any room and create a modern and contemporary look. We use the finest materials from the UK to ensure these vision roller blinds are the highest quality. The unique design allows to control the light whilst still offering privacy. A beautiful blind to finsih off any room in your home.

Capri Black|Capri Vision Range|Capri Black|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Capri Black
Capri Mink|Capri Vision Range|Capri Mink|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Capri Mink
Capri Ivory|Capri Vision Range|Capri Ivory|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Capri Ivory
Capri White|Capri Vision Range|Capri White|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Capri White
Capri Grey|Capri Vision Range|Capri Grey|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Capri Grey

Capri Colours Make a statement with Capri Colours! Brand New Collection now available!

Make a statement in your home with our capri vision roller blinds. Our hand selected in house fabrics will compliment any room and create a modern and contemporary look. We use the finest materials from the UK to ensure these vision roller blinds are the highest quality. The unique design allows to control the light whilst still offering privacy. A beautiful blind to finsih off any room in your home.

Capri Jade|Capri Colours|Capri Jade|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Jade
Capri Navy|Capri Colours|Capri Navy|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Navy
Capri Ochre|Capri Colours|Capri Ochre|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Ochre
Capri Paradise Green|Capri Colours|Capri Paradise Green|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Paradise Green
Capri Scarlet|Capri Colours|Capri Scarlet|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Scarlet
Capri Sunset|Capri Colours|Capri Sunset|2800|2400|350|350|||1
Capri Sunset


The stylish Louvolite Venice vision rollers offer luxury and style to your home. The Vision roller blinds are modern and practical and make a statement in any room. Using the finest UK materials our vision blinds are the highest quality. The are sure to create that wow factor in any room of your home.

Venice White|Venice Collection|Venice White|2600|2400|350|350|||0
Venice White
Venice Silver|Venice Collection|Venice Silver|2600|2400|350|350|||0
Venice Silver
Venice Gold|Venice Collection|Venice Gold|2600|2400|350|350|||0
Venice Gold
Venice Black|Venice Collection|Venice Black|2600|2400|350|350|||0
Venice Black

Sorrento Collection Sorrento Multi-Stripe Visions Rollers are now available with up to 40% off!

One of our best selling blinds online because of its ability to add a feeling of luxury and style to any room. The latest blind on the market is the Vision Roller Blind! Guaranteed to make a statement in any home. The exclusive vision roller blind offers sumptuous, high quality fabrics at great prices!

Sorrento Luna|Sorrento Collection|Sorrento Luna|2750|3000|350|350|||0
Sorrento Luna
Sorrento Sahara|Sorrento Collection|Sorrento Sahara|2750|3000|350|350|||0
Sorrento Sahara

Florence Collection The Luxury Florence Collection

We are proud to offer our latest Duo Roller blind fabric....Florence! This fantastic duo roller blind cloth has a sumptious appearance. This luxuirous fabric will create a massive feature in your home!

Florence Oak|Florence Collection|Florence-Oak|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Florence Oak
Florence Teak|Florence Collection|Florence-Teak|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Florence Teak
Florence Walnut|Florence Collection|Florence-Walnut|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Florence Walnut
Florence Maple|Florence Collection|Florence-Maple|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Florence Maple

Essence Collection WE LOVE A GOOD BLIND SALE!!

The latest blind on the market is the Vision Roller Blind! Guaranteed to make a statement in any home the luxury vision roller blind offer sumptious high quality fabrics at great prices!

Caramel|Essence Collection|Caramel|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Espresso|Essence Collection|Espresso|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Heather|Essence Collection|Heather|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Moss|Essence Collection|Moss|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Raspberry|Essence Collection|Raspberry|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Teal|Essence Collection|Teal|1524|3000|350|350|||0
Truffle|Essence Collection|Truffle|1524|3000|350|350|||0

Verona Collection Verona Vision Rollers Exclusive 2016 collection!!

Verona is a fantastic textured vision roller blind in a great range of colours to compliment your individual style

Verona White|Verona Collection|Verona White|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Verona White
Verona Copper|Verona Collection|Verona Copper|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Verona Copper
Verona Gold|Verona Collection|Verona Gold|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Verona Gold
Verona Platinum|Verona Collection|Verona Platinum|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Verona Platinum
Verona Black|Verona Collection|Verona Black|2800|2400|350|350|||0
Verona Black

Tuscany Collection The Summer 2015 Tuscany Vision Roller Sale Ends Soon!!

Tuscany has been specially made for the 2015 collection, inspired by the latest trends this vision roller is sure to made a big impact to your home. Make a feature out of your windows inside and out with Day and Night Roller Blinds

Tuscan White|Tuscany Collection|Tuscan White|2750|2400|350|350|||0
Tuscan White
Tuscan Ivory|Tuscany Collection|Tuscan Ivory|2750|2400|350|350|||0
Tuscan Ivory
Tuscan Mink|Tuscany Collection|Tuscan Mink|2750|2400|350|350|||0
Tuscan Mink
Tuscan Ebony|Tuscany Collection|Tuscan Ebony|2750|2400|350|350|||0
Tuscan Ebony
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Vision Roller Blinds / Duo Roller Blinds

When most people think about window blinds, they typically think of pleated or Venetian blinds. While those are the most common choices for window covers, they aren’t the most efficient type of blinds available on the market today. In fact, vision roller blinds (also known as duo roller blinds) are the latest innovation on the window blinds market today. Whether you want to add a modern touch or simply wish to have a more effective, efficient type of blind for your windows or conservatory, vision roller blinds are excellent choices. Here are a few reasons duo roller blinds are taking the window covering world by storm and are set to be the new standard in window blinds:

New double roller system allows for perfect control.

With traditional blinds like pleated window shades, there is a sheet of fabric that simply rolls up from the bottom. The further you put up your blind, the more light that is allowed in. While this has worked for a long time, it isn’t the most efficient way of allowing light into a room. On a bright day you may only need the blind opened half way; with pleated blinds, though, that means you will only be getting light in from the bottom half of your window.

That completely changes with the duo roller blind system. With vision roller blinds there is dual layer fabric allowing perfect light control for user. Instead of a single sheet of fabric, there are two layers to the blinds that have wide horizontal bands of fabric. With this band system, the blinds can be controlled to allow as much or as little light in as you want from the entire window, not just the bottom half.

While duo roller blinds are superior in allowing in specific amounts of light, they can still be pulled completely up for the times you want your windows to be uncovered and let as much natural light in as possible. The opposite holds true as well because vision roller blinds can work as blackout curtains as well.

Add a modern twist to your home.

Oftentimes conservatories are seen as a traditional element to a home. While this can be true, with duo roller blinds you can add a unique, modern twist to your conservatory, doors, or any other windows to liven up your space and bring a chic, elegant look to your home.

Not only is the design of these blinds different than the traditional blinds you are used to, we also provide a wide range of colours to choose from so you can match the style of your window blinds with the rest of your home, adding to the unique character of your space. Blinds Megastore provides over 15 colour choices available including blackout for duo roller blinds. This makes them great additions to any conservatory, living area, door, or even bedroom.

Regardless of what colour you choose for the actual blinds themselves, you never have to worry about the head box match as all of our vision roller blinds come with a fully colour co-ordained head box. Regardless of whether you choose a bold colour or stick with a minimalistic neutral tone, this incredibly modern looking blind is sure to impress.

Just because vision roller blinds are the blinds of the future doesn’t mean they can’t be used to warm up a space. By choosing a rich colour or even a textured fabric you can add warmth to any space while bringing the overall décor into a more modern era.

Along with style, you get privacy and practicality.

One of the biggest problems with traditional blinds is that when they are open they don’t just allow light in, they also allow people to see inside your home. Vision roller blinds can prevent this issue because of the dual roll technology that makes them so unique. Even if you want to allow a lot of light in, you don’t have to roll up the entire blind like a traditional blind. You can allow light to come into the home but still maintain your privacy since the window shade does not need to be pulled up.

For the most privacy possible there are also blackout versions of dual roller blinds available. Not only does this guarantee no one can see into your home, it also helps with anyone that works late at night and needs to sleep during the day.

This is also useful for anyone who has large windows that need covered in a space where there is a lot of furniture or expensive musical equipment. Harsh UV rays can do a lot of damage to the colour of furniture and an even temperature is needed to properly maintain things like expensive pianos. With vision roller blinds users are given complete control over how much light and, as a result, how much heat makes it into a room through the windows.

Automated systems make your life easier.

Not only is the design of vision roller blinds much more modern, Blinds Megastore has motorised options available that make raising and lowering your blinds as easy as possible. With a motorised blind system you have complete control over exactly how much light you let into the room without the hassle of any manual pulling, twisting, or rolling that is common with other blinds.

Local production means higher quality.

Blinds are meant to last for a very long time. With our vision roller blinds you not only get a sophisticated, modern look for your windows or conservatory you also get peace of mind knowing the product you purchase is built to last.

The duo roller blinds we sell are UK manufactured from UK components. What that means for you is simple: the standards that you grew up with are exactly what we deliver. With cheaper import products there is never any guarantee that the quality is as good as it should be; by using UK manufactured blinds, however, you can rest easy knowing you purchased the quality fit for your home or office.

All of our products are family safe.

As with all of our products, we take safety very seriously. With safety devices supplied with all rollers you never have to worry about any family members, especially small children, or even pets getting hurt while using the blinds.

Despite having a head box, these blinds are extremely safe and with proper installation will last a lifetime without every causing any safety concerns. With their sleek, contemporary style they will never be out of fashion so when you purchase your blinds from Blinds Megastore you know you will have a product you can be happy with for a very long time.

Modernize your space today with vision roller blinds.

With dual layer fabric allowing perfect light control for user functionality and a woven band finish, these types of blinds are sure to impress your guests, give you the practical functionality you need, and can even be completely motorised, adding a new level of convenience to your home.

We live in a fast paced era full of new inventions and improvements on old products—that’s exactly what the duo roller blinds are. While they still provide the ability to control light, they do it in a much more effective way compared to traditional blinds. If you’re ready to get a sleek, modern upgrade to your décor visit our product page today and look through our wide range of made to measure roller blinds. We offer quick shipping on our orders so you can update your home with made to match modern window blinds immediately.



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