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Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a contemporary and modern way to make a statement in any room in the house. Natural light entering the house is always important for any home and wooden blinds are perfect at letting you control the amount of light that enters your home. Wooden blinds can be an economical way to make a drastic change to the appearance of your home both internally and externally by swapping old dated blinds or nets for this stylish venetian blind. Ordering your wooden blinds from Blinds Megastore leaves you safe in the knowledge that you will receive the highest quality hardwood blind with the most competitive prices online.

Wood Venetians are suitable for all over the home and suitable for the office also. Blinds have now become a necessity in the home and office for several reasons including Privacy, security and light control.
Wooden blinds are versatile and a great fit for any home or office. Wood Venetian blinds have become a mainstay in all kinds of offices, due to a variety of beneficial attributes. They also always tend to work well in a modern-looking home, but by opting for wooden blinds they become equally as effective in a more rustic home with a traditional aesthetic.

As you are able to directly control the slats, it becomes easy to direct the sunlight away from computer screens and other areas where it may cause a problem, hence the popularity of Venetian blinds on office environments. This means they are also an excellent choice in home offices, libraries or studies, as well as in any room with a north or south facing window.

We all know how difficult it can be when you have direct sunlight shining into the room at particular times of day, especially if the sun is out just when you don´t need it to be. Wooden venetian blinds mean this is no longer an issue, as you control whether you would like to block out the sun, direct it in a particular way or throw open your blinds and allow it to fill the room.
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Wooden Blinds
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Moisture Wood Range Wow!! Up to 70% off our faux wood blinds.

This faux wood collection has the natural texture and grain of wood but are designed for all those harsh environments such as wet rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. The slats are made from compressed PVC which make them fully water proof and durable in a harsh environment where moisture and steam would be an issue for real woods.

Autumn Gold|Moisture Wood Range|utumn Gold|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Autumn Gold
Chiffon|Moisture Wood Range|Chiffon|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Cinder|Moisture Wood Range|Cinder|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Haze|Moisture Wood Range|Haze|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Medium Oak|Moisture Wood Range|Medium Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Medium Oak
Rustic Oak|Moisture Wood Range|Rustic Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Rustic Oak
Snow|Moisture Wood Range|Snow|2400|3000|320|200|||1

Nature Wood Range Our bestselling REAL WOOD BLINDS are in our spring/summer sale! Unbeatable value and quality.

Available in the 10 most popular colours, these hardwood blinds are made from bass wood so are very tough and hard wearing. The stylish and beautifully polished finish will look modern and elegant in any room.

White|Nature Wood Range|EW07|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Classic White|Nature Wood Range|EW08|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Classic White
Peachy White|Nature Wood Range|EW01|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Peachy White
Ivory|Nature Wood Range|EW10|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Cream|Nature Wood Range|EW05|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Beech|Nature Wood Range|EW04|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Honey|Nature Wood Range|EW02|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Oak|Nature Wood Range|EW03|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Hazel|Nature Wood Range|EW09|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Midnight|Nature Wood Range|EW06|2400|2700|360|350|||1

Wood Sunwood Range Quality woods now on sale with up to 60% off!

At Blind Megastore we only use the highest quality, natural wood products to ensure you are getting a tough, long lasting blind. The natural tones and grain texture to the wood will give your home a modern and fresh look.

Auburn|Wood Sunwood Range|Auburn|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Sunwood Beech|Wood Sunwood Range|Sunwood Beech|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Sunwood Beech
Burnished Oak|Wood Sunwood Range|Burnished Oak|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Burnished Oak
Chestnut|Wood Sunwood Range|Chestnut|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Elm|Wood Sunwood Range|Elm|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Hazel|Wood Sunwood Range|Hazel|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Honey|Wood Sunwood Range|Honey|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Ivory|Wood Sunwood Range|Ivory|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Pine|Wood Sunwood Range|Pine|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Polar|Wood Sunwood Range|Polar|2400|2700|350|350|||1

Wooden Sunwood Range THE 2016 Spring/summer wood sale is now on!

Blinds megastore is passionate about using the highest quality products, so our new range is made from luxury hardwood for a chic and stylish look. When you purchase from the new sunwood range you are getting the best in British Blinds, manufactured in Britain! and at a great price. Choose from tones and grains to really add that final touch to your room.

Alder|Wooden Sunwood Range|Alder|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Cabana|Wooden Sunwood Range|Cabana|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Canadian Maple|Wooden Sunwood Range|Canadian Maple|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Canadian Maple
Fired Walnut|Wooden Sunwood Range|Fired Walnut|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Fired Walnut
Rowan|Wooden Sunwood Range|Rowan|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Tuscan Oak|Wooden Sunwood Range|Tuscan Oak|2400|2700|350|350|||1
Tuscan Oak

Sherwood Range Luxury woods at great prices in our Spring half price sale!

Get the wood look with this carefully crafted wooden blind collection sure to compliment any home to add sophistication and style. Only made from the highest quality hardwood this blind is certainly made to last and looks great.

Aged Teak|Sherwood Range|Aged-Teak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Aged Teak
Alder Natural|Sherwood Range|Alder-Natural|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Alder Natural
Antique Cream|Sherwood Range|Antique-Cream|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Antique Cream
Canadian Oak|Sherwood Range|Canadian-Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Canadian Oak
Chalk White|Sherwood Range|Chalk-White|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Chalk White
Dapple|Sherwood Range|Dapple|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Harvest Oak|Sherwood Range|Harvest-Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Harvest Oak
Holborn Teak|Sherwood Range|Holborn-Teak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Holborn Teak
Hot Chestnut|Sherwood Range|Hot-Chestnut|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Hot Chestnut
Maple Glow|Sherwood Range|Maple-Glow|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Maple Glow
Mellow Pine|Sherwood Range|Mellow-Pine|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Mellow Pine
Nut Brown|Sherwood Range|Nut-Brown|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Nut Brown
Shingle Grey|Sherwood Range|Shingle-Grey|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Shingle Grey
Soft Beech|Sherwood Range|Soft-Beech|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Soft Beech
True White|Sherwood Range|True-White|2400|3000|320|200|||1
True White
Twine|Sherwood Range|Twine|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Worn Teak|Sherwood Range|Worn-Teak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Worn Teak
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Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are one of the most popular blinds on the market in the UK.  We have both natural and faux wood in our range so you can enjoy the wood look style across your entire home to add real character. Wood Blinds add a contemporary feel to any environment by adding that touch of texture and sense of the outside coming in to your environment.

Here at Blinds Megastore we have an incredibly large range of styles and sizes of wooden slat available so you can tailor your blinds to your exact needs. We offer 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and even now the popular 63mm slats, with no increase in price between the 25mm – 50mm, we feel that price shouldn’t put you off the perfect choice for you. We have several options available in colour styles ranging from natural woods such as Oak, Teak, Auburn to name but a few, moving to the now more contemporary White, Ivory, Cream and Gloss range also all available in a real wooden blind.

Premium quality wood is the key aspect to offering durability over the test of time and we only use the highest quality hardwood to make sure style, durability and practically are combined. We pay a little more to keep the highest quality wood so you don’t end up with warped or chipped slats which can happen from lower quality Chinese alternatives.

We also now offer faux wooden blinds which are a great twist of the conventional wooden blind. Faux wood can be suited for anywhere in the house including areas where real wood isn’t suitable such as, conservatories, wet rooms, shower rooms, and kitchens. Faux wood blinds are suitable for these environments because they are made from compressed PVC meaning they are heat, water and steam resistant. Available in a wide range of colours and slat choices, PVC wooden blinds are suitable for anywhere in the home creating the style and luxury of real wood.


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